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Lorry Wraps 

Consider how many hours the average lorry or heavy goods vehicle spends on the road.  Then consider how many people see that vehicle.  A professionally applied, eye-catching lorry wrap will ensure that your lorry grabs the attention of those that see it – creating an immediate and lasting impression

Lorries with scruffy signage look unloved: whereas those with stylish graphics look sleek and professional.  Lorry wraps can also help give a sense of personality to your business.  The design you apply to your vehicles will tell your customers and potential customers a great deal about what you stand for as an organisation.

In terms of cost, even if you want a simple colour change it is far more cost effective to wrap a lorry rather than spraying it to achieve your corporate colour.  Also, if you lease your lorries, opting for a lorry wrap means you can just remove the vinyl when you are ready to hand the vehicle back at the end of the lease period. 

A full lorry wrap will also help to protect your lorry’s paintwork from minor stone chips and abrasions caused by everyday wear and tear from stone chips.