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Frequently Asked Questions 

Before going ahead with your vehicle wrap you may have some important questions you would like answers for. We have created our Frequently Asked Questions that we hope will help you out:

Why wrap?

There are many reasons to wrap your vehicle. Our self adhesive vinyl adds a protective coat to the vehicles original body - protecting the paint from stone chips , minor bumps and scratches. The vinyl can also be used as a advertisement product for your company with text and visual images added to the vinyl. The lifespan of the wrap is estimated at 3-5 years. 

What happens after the removal of the vinyl? 

When it comes time for the vinyl to be removed our team will leave no traces of wrap on the vehicle , the vinyl does not leave glue when removed correctly. The vinyl will not damage paint on a factory paint job. We cannot guarantee this on resprayed cars - we will not take any responsibility for paint that has been to a back street garage for bodywork. 

Can I take my wrapped Vehicle through an automated car wash? 

No! We do not recommend using these car washes on wrapped cars, due to the strength of the brushes we wouldn't even recommend painted cars to go through them, leaving scratches and lines is not our idea of a clean car.

How do I treat the vinyl? 

As vinyl is like normal paint it can be treated with all substances used on paint , unless it has a Matt finish where we recommend not to use polish or tar removers as t,his will shine up the Matt in some areas. 

My paint is slightly damaged due to the age of my car, can it still be wrapped? 

Yes! Wrapping is a fantastic idea to give your old pride and joy the new out of the box feeling. We can deal with rust patches and various other body problems. We cannot guarantee how safe the removal will be to the paint underneath if it is already bubbling.